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Defending Life

Our Most Important Inalienable Right

People might disagree on when life begins, but one thing is undeniable: life is sacred and deserves to be protected. I am unequivocally opposed to abortion, and will do everything I can to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Second Amendment

Shall Not Be Infringed

Few political items result in more debate than the second amendment. However, when looking at the full context of the writings of the founders at the time, and the tyrannical government they revolted against, it seems crystal clear that the second amendment is crafted to protect an individual's right to keep and bear arms. This is a recognition of our natural right to defend ourselves, and a hedge against tyranny cropping up again. The second amendment is the right that protects all of our other rights. I will fiercely protect this right, and fight against anyone wanting to take it away.


Follow Trump's Lead

President Trump has been incredibly good for cutting America's vast regulatory state. Unfortunately, Idaho hasn't followed his lead in reducing our own regulatory burdens. Legislators that have been so eager to "Incorporate by Reference" all new federal regulations haven't been as eager to repeal them as Trump has been getting rid of them. We should be focusing on keeping Idahoans free from the demands of government bureaucrats and returning Idaho's government to its constitutional limits.

Public Lands

Idaho Lands in Idaho Hands

I firmly believe that all federal lands in Idaho should be turned over to the state and local governments for purposes of management. It is very arrogant of the federal government to assume that they know better than Idahoans how to manage the land and resources of Idaho. Over 60% of Idaho is federal lands. That means that the federal government controls over 60% of our ability to create wealth and over 60% of our children's future opportunity. There is no way that the federal government, residing thousands of miles away from Idaho, cares more about our state and our lands than we do. As a state, we should demand that the federal government give our state control of our lands.

State Taxes

Cut Taxes, Cut the Waste

Every dollar in taxes that the state government extracts from its citizens is a dollar less that can be invested into our economy. Idaho needs to take a hard look at its budget to find wasteful departments and programs that can be cut. The savings from those cuts should be passed on to our citizens in the form of tax cuts. Idaho is a dynamic and innovative state, we should do everything we can to support businesses and entrepreneurs. Additionally, tax rules and regulations that allow the government to pick winners and losers should end. The free market is the best tool we have to build Idaho's prosperity. Prosperity comes from the people, not the government.


Patients, Not Government

Obamacare has been a complete disaster. If it wasn't bad enough that the government invaded every aspect of the medical profession, they brought their bureaucracy, inefficiency, and red tape with them. Not only should we not increase the financial burden on taxpayers with the proposed Medicaid expansion that Governor Otter was pushing, we should get rid of Obamacare completely and implement market-based solutions that will allow innovation, cost reductions, and improved patient care.


Empower Parents and Communities

Education has long been plagued by bureaucracy and top-down decision making that cuts parents and local communities out. Funding for our school districts also comes with a lot of strings that severely limit what money can be used for, regardless of actual needs. The result is that parents in local communities are disenfranchised from their children's education. We should promote block grants that give local communities control of how the funds are used. We should also promote a robust school choice environment, allowing parents the freedom to seek the best education for their children without state interference.

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